by Debbie Pappyn

Ask Classe Touriste what the best trip in 2009 was? Easy. It’s DPRK, aka North Korea, aka the most secret and closed country in the world. Not really politically correct, we hear you saying? Well, for once we didn’t think about politics and just booked our flights to Pyongyang. Yes, it’s true; you can travel as a real tourist to this rather unknown country thanks to the professional assistance of Koryo Tours. This English tour operator imports already more than 14 years curious travellers into North Korea. Getting a visa is easy, yes, even for Americans and it’s not all that bad as it would seem. The food is scrumptious, the national dress code is inventive and let’s be honest, DPRK has the most impressive performances in the world. As it happens, Koryo Tours takes its guests to the world famous Mass Games where ten thousand people perform in a simultaneous way. The question is how long this country will still wear its communist clothes. Because in the end, it’s not anymore about being the first to discover a destination, but it’s all about being the last.




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