This is a list of our preferred gear. Tested North & South, from -47C to +48C.

For our photographic gear we choose Nikon all the way.
Nikon D850
Nikon D3X, Nikon D800E
Nikkor 14-24, 2.8
Nikkor 24-70 vr, 2.8
Nikkor 70-200 vr, 2.8
Nikkor PC-E 24, 3.5
Nikkor PC-E 45, 2.8
Nikkor PC-E 85, 2.8
Nikkor 35, 1.4
Nikkor 50, 1.4
Nikkor 58, 1.4
Nikkor 105 micro, 2.8
Nikkor 85, 1.4
Nikkor 28-300, 3.5-5.6
Nikkor 200-500
Nikon GPS Unit GP-1, so we never loose track of where we take photos.

For special needs concerning lighting we only work with Profoto.
Without a doubt, quintessential for all food photo shoots are HMI ligths. Profoto recently updated their HMI line.
We work with the Daylight Air 800. ProDaylight Air 800

Sturdy Packing
Fulltime travelling means fulltime packing.
Want to impress the bellboy? The Rimowa suitcases are a travelista’s best friend. We travel with two Topas suitcases in aluminium and as a carry-on, we have the aluminium two-wheel model Cabin Trolley in IATA-approved size. When we travel far away and for longer periods, a Salsa Deluxe of 86 litres does the trick. This huge suitcase only weighs 5 kilogram, fancy that. We also love it that Rimowa offers a 5-year worldwide warranty service. So if the suitcase is damaged or broken in, let’s say, Hong Kong and you are staying at for example the Four Seasons Hotel or the Mandarin Oriental, you simply hand the suitcase to the concierge and 24 hours later you get it back. Perfect!

For protecting our gear while travelling, Pelicase is simply a must-have. These cases protect all your gear, even during the most intense voyages. We travel with two Peli Cases, both IATA cabin approved. They are water, dust and shockproof and have already survived many numerous accidents like aquatic zodiac trips and tumbling of the back of a speedy golf carts. In the peli cases we put our lenses, cameras and hard drives. Up until this day, never has something broken while being safely stored into a Peli case.
We use a 1510 model and a 1520 model.

Ortliebs are our beloved bags for weather- and waterproof travel. Flashy and sturdy like a lorry. No kidding, because this gear is made from canvas that covers real trucks. We use them while on safari in Africa, protecting our gear against dust in the desert and humidity and water in the jungle. We also use them while cruising in Antarctica or sitting along the floe edge in Arctic Canada. Our two Rack Packs are 100% waterproof if you zip them up right. For long expeditions we use Ortlieb’s Big-Zip bag, 140 litres of mammoth storage. The best part about this German brand is the fact that thanks to the life long warranty, Ortlieb will replace a bag if there is something wrong.
Ortlieb Rack-Pack
Ortlieb Big-Zip

What to wear?
Besides David’s Dries Van Noten corduroy jacket, Patagonia is the real high-tech low impact gear, perfect for any climate and weather conditions. We already tested other outdoor brands but we still think Patagonia are the best and warmest clothes you can buy. Our favs? The Better Fleece Jacket and the Down Sweater for men en woman, the long version, the short version and even the one without sleeves.

However if you’re planning to travel to more extreme places, then Canada Goose is really indispensable during sub-zero adventures. Since we saw most inhabitants in Svalbard wearing this brand, we decided to buy some of our own. Nothing beats burring your head into a warm furry hood when the wind blows around -35 degrees C.

The ultimate boots to wear for warm feet in the most extreme situations are Baffin Boots. We only recommend this Canadian brand when going polar. We even wear them in the Alps or when it’s snowing in Europe.

If you need boots for keeping your feet dry only, then there is only one choice, tested on Alaskan fishermen. Xtratuf boots.
We even used them for hiking in the Rainforest in Congo, trekking for Lowland Gorilla’s.

To keep our hands warm, but still being able to shoot we choose for Altura Microfleece gloves.

Play with me!
Once you have them, you can’t really do without these Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones while flying and travelling. First of all you don’t need to use the crappy headsets they hand out in airplanes and secondly there is nothing better than loosing that annoying buzzing sound in the plane.
This is just a must have for every serious traveller.
Bose QC3 Noise Canceling Headphone