by Debbie Pappyn

Lyngen Lodge, NorwaySo you are bored of skiing in the Alps? Tired of pistes that are black of thousands kamikaze skiers populating them? You long for virgin snow and wild sceneries? Look no further than 70° North, where you can ski from summit to sea. All it takes is to book a room in the extremely cosy Lyngen Lodge owned by the Englishman Graham Austick and his Norwegian partner. Graham invites his guests to climb 1500-meter high mountains so they can ski down in extremely fluffy and pure snow. No ski lifts here but a speedboat that takes the guests to the shore of the fjord where whales and seals act as cheer leaders for the avid touring skier. Once you reach the summit you can gaze in the distance and imagine that the next piece of land you see is the North Pole. In the evening this intense activity is rewarded with diners when freshly caught Nordic fish and king crab are on the menu. As a desert, enjoy some epic Northern Light reflecting in the fjord below. If all this is not enough, jump into the hot tub and ask for some Aqua Vit. You will never want to go back to that famous mountain range in the middle of Europe… What mountain range? Already forgot all about it!


Lyngen Lodge, NorwayLyngen Lodge, NorwayLyngen Lodge, NorwayLyngen Lodge, NorwayLyngen Lodge, NorwayLyngen Lodge, NorwayLyngen Lodge, Norway



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