by Debbie Pappyn

Voted as the happiest place in the world, Vanuatu might be the Pacific’s best-kept secret. Here, the ocean is blue, the beaches are white and empty and the smiles of the Ni-Van are big and plentiful. The greatest plus of these 83 islands that make up Vanuatu is that it offers a mix of comfortable to even luxury lodging and an authentic and fascinating culture. After climbing active volcanoes or visiting custom villages it’s time for extreme relaxation in one of the luxury resorts. Classe Touriste’s favourite hide-away is Ratua Island near Santo. Don’t expect aircon rooms with flat screen and hot tubs. Instead you get traditional wooden Indonesian villas where the wind cools down the midday heat. The waters around the island are so pristine that the sardines and barracudas practically jump onto your plate. All this comes with plenty of smiling and kindness from the local Ni-Van staff. So if you are in need for a serious dose of happiness, Vanuatu is the place par excellence.




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